Just Once

but let’s catch her just once before she dies
please rewind
hold it right there
one frame forward
see that pretty chick?
her hand caressing away her hair
from her ear
let her hold that pose
thanks for your attention

© 2017 Dennis Renfors

Jacqueline Louise

if I go buy a ring
in that hot summer wind
will you pass it on
to Jacqueline Louise?

and if she is still around
and not buried in the ground
will you ask her
if she´s thinking about me?

if her eyes are still like gold
and her walk still strong and still bold
will you tell her, because I know for sure
it would please Jacqueline Louise?

she deserved a better life
so she could not be my wife
did she ever get
any happiness from me?


there are moments
in the bar room
when the silence comes on so strong
then the freight train
blows it´s whistle
and the partying is going on

there are cross roads
in your lifetime
when just about anything could go wrong
when we shiver,
when we tremble
we take cover in a honky tonk song:


number one the growing pine
number two this broom is mine
number three you looked in vain
for someone sweet and someone fine

number four the axman’s song
and that hammering along
there’s no place to say good-bye
now that the train is moving on

number five that sweet farewell
in the dungeon I will dwell
number six the stage is ready
for the stories they will tell

all the tracks will soon unite
no delay and no big fight
all the files have been deleted,
but he wrote with chalk so white:


if you find her a last
as a wink from the past
now, will you bring my ring
to Jacqueline Louise?

and if she is not around
but is buried in the ground
will you bury then
that ring right here with me?

(©Dennis Renfors 2017.)

I Cried So Much/Brilliant Brain

now, I cried so much, I´m cryin´ me insane
I´ve been cryin´ all night, but there´s only me to blame
every single single malt reminder makes me think
that I´m too fat and too vane

check yourself, you little moron, where did good looks and thick hair go?
where did honesty, compassion and your famous gentleness flow?
every stepping stone and pillar make me think
that I´m a big no-no

watch that big big fat fat Fanny
can you trust her just one bit?
she´s a bridge friend to your Granny
and she asks ”Come here and sit”
Little Walter told me stories
about Man and God and Law
when I´m free from all them worries
I´ll be resting with my pa´

yes yes, I´ll be resting with my pa´

now I lied so much, no piece of truth remains
I´ve been lying day and night, I´ll be lying tomorrow again
every single lie reminds me
I´m a winner, with a sharp and brilliant brain

©Dennis Renfors 2017

The Good Ones Gone

The new boss met his staff for the first time.
”I´m convinced we´ll build a great team”, he said.

He continued:

”I grew up in this small town, my father being a Pentecostal pastor. I remember this December when I was four years old.
I awoke with a start in the Christmas Day morning, maybe at five o´clock.
There was no one home. I was totally alone.

My parents had gone to the early Service for Christmas Day, just before it started snowing. They told me later they believed I would be asleep till they got home.

But when I stood there alone and looked out the windows, I saw nothing but snow.
And in the snow there were no footprints.
So I believed that all the good people on Earth had been gathered and brought to heaven, and that all the evil people had been left behind.”

(© 2016, Dennis Renfors)

Little Brother´s Black Book

January 20, 2017 was Donald Trump´s presidential Inauguration Day. In the following night I had this dream:

I was participating in some kind of civil rights movement. I was in a crowded hallway with Stokely Carmichael´s assistant, who´s name was Little Brother.
A lot of racists, many policemen among them, wouldn´t let black people, or me, pass through.
Then Little Brother held up some black book – maybe a bible, maybe a book with civil rights documents – and those hostile people immediately made way.
Little Brother, with his black trousers and white shirt, returned to help more people pass through. The last thing happening in my dream was me shouting to him:
-You are about seventeen times braver than me, Little Brother!

(©2017 Dennis Renfors)

Andy Goes West

On this day, October 9, 1950 which  was a Monday, my father Erkki Turpeinen, AKA Andy, AKA Slim Turpin, moved from Finland to Sweden (according to an old passport of his).
The plan was to move further to the USA. But he remained in Stockholm, Sweden for the rest of his life.
My father hade a ”creative imagination” and was not above pretending to be a doctor or an academic ace. Later on one of his sons became a genius actor and stage play director. Another of his sons got a poetry book published in Hollywood.

Binghamton Atheists

An American gentleman told me he once went to the Binghamton Atheist Society, NY State. At that meeting he met his future wife, by the way.
– It was actually the only time we went to the Atheist Society, he said. They were way too religious! They knew exactly what they didn´t believe in.

Professor of Sad Smile

I may not be a new Bertrand Russel
anyhow I expect you to respect my hustle

upside down and inside out
I loved that writer called Kilgore Trout

helter skelter moody blue
this professor will pay a visit to you

I may not be the single-handed Urban Killer
but I expect you to try my pillow

I am the Professor of Sad Smile
anyhow I expect you to walk that mile

(© Dennis Renfors 2016.)

America, Hear Our Call

Actually, the imminent threat to world peace is Donald Trump. For one thing, he said he´d like to join forces with Putin in fighting the IS, ”and then we´ll show how you make glass”.
One way of making glass is dropping a nuclear bomb over a place with a lot of sand, like Syria.
Please US citizens, go and vote against Trump, meaning you must vote Clinton.
My personal plans for the next six-twelve months have my next of kin as extra high priority. Like ”can we afford to spend some money on going all of us for som nice vacation trip somewhere in the world, while there still is time?”
The ignorant bully Trump may very well spell doom for us all. A man in Scotland who has done business with Trump, afterwards said: ”I have bought two air plane tickets for Antarctica, because that´s the last place the nuclear fall-out will reach after Trump has become president.”
If you US citizens promise to go vote against Trump late this fall, I´m willing to ask people in Europe to gather for prayers on election day. Those prayers might not stop Trump, but your votes can make the difference.
Remember, the USA is the world´s biggest and most important democracy.
We need you, and we are depending on you.